20 Tips to Finding & Not Losing Friends at a Music Festival

20 Tips to Finding & Not Losing Friends at a Music Festival


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We all know how hard it can be sticking together with your group, and how stressful it is losing your friends at a music festival. We came up up with some tips to enhance your festival experience and to make sure it’s with the people you care most for!


Remember what your friends are wearing. Taking a picture with, and of them, helps too!


Make sure you have everyone’s phone number in the group. In large festivals, connectivity to social media, or even any other data supported app may not be easily accessible, due to lack of service.


Fully charge your phone prior to the event, that way you won’t lose your ability to contact others.


Make sure to limit the brightness on your phone, so that it helps save your battery. Turn off all wifi, bluetooth, and any other apps or data features that will drain your phone, or immediately after usage.


Make sure to be specific when you are communicating with lost friends, with specific landmarks and signage if possible.


Send text messages with a time-stamp saying when you sent them. Service can be spotty, and messages will arrive late often times.


If you are texting iPhone to iPhone, send the text in green (SMS) instead of blue (iMessage). This makes sure your phone is using a satellite to send instead of wifi.


If your phone is about to die, write down important phone numbers on a piece of paper, and make sure that you carry it with you at all times.


Discuss a specific meeting spot in the case you do not find your group/friend BEFORE the event is over.


Arrange unique meet-up spots and times during the event, preferably away from huge crowds, and stick to the schedule. One place that is a good meet-up spot that is not heavily crowded is the first aid tent. It’s proven to be a simple, easy, and quick way to locate your friends.


Be aware of the artists your friends want to see. If they’re huge fans, they’ll most likely be at the same respective performances!


Don’t wander off on your own! Make sure at least two to three people in the group know where you’re going at all times. Always use the buddy system.


Look for big groups that are matching as a moving landmark.


Bring a tótem, flag, noodle, or anything your heart desires, so that you are visible in a large crowd.


Wear a unique, and creative outfit – not only will it help you stand out to your lost friends, but you will probably get some compliments on it as well.


Do your best to remember where you park (it may be beneficial after the night’s festivities). Taking pictures of the area and remembering specific signs also helps. Remember the names of the gates/entrances you used from the moment you stepped out of your car to when you stepped foot into the event. Sometimes, “Gate A” and “Gate B” could be at least miles apart!


If you know you are close to your friends, but just cant seem to find them in the crowd, let them know to look for a specific object in the air, such as a flashlight. Turn your flashlight on, hold it up, and wave it around so you can make sure that it stands as a light house among the crowd


Ask nicely and get on someone’s shoulders! It’s a lot easier to see over everyone.


Another good way to be reunited with your friends is not to lose them in the first place. Stay together and try not to split up.


Stay positive 🙂 ! You came to the event to have fun. Don’t let an insignificant setback ruin your day or night.