Q1 – Hello Tycho, first of all I’d like to thank you for taking time out to speak with us ! In the past couple of years your popularity amongst fans and fellow artists has risen. Can you tell me what your first big break was in the hardcore scene ?

A1 – The first big thing I remember, is that Partyraiser played my track ‘’God Core’’ in 2012 and also used it for the PH12 compilation CD.

Q2 – Many artists support your work but how did you feel knowing that the man in the mask Angerfist was playing your tracks at events ?

A2 – This was really unexpected!! I heard from the label that he asked for it, a very big honour.

Q3 – Which artists inspired you before you broke into the music scene ?

A3 – There are a lot of artists that inspired me, but especially Partyraiser & Tieum. I stand for years in the crowd when they played, and I still do.

Q4 – Do you have any special collaborations or remixes planned that we should know about ?

A4 – Well, not really anything I can announce at this moment, but I really planned a lot. So there’s enough material forthcoming.

Q5 – There’s a lot of events now especially in Holland but are there any of the bigger events you haven’t played yet that you’d like to perform at ?

A5 – Well I’m still dreaming of playing at a Dutch Festival! That’s one big dream for me, doesn’t really matter which one 🙂

Q6 – You’ve wrote so many good tracks now that your fans love but is there one in particular that you’re especially proud of ?

A6 – I have to say ‘’The Sound of Hardbouncer’’ . That one really made people remember my name. And even almost one year later you still hear it almost every week at party’s. People always ask me not to forget to play it haha.

Q7 – Do you have any musical goals that you’d still like to achieve ?

A7 – Just make more music and reach more people, that’s what makes me happy.

Q8 – You’ve recently joined the ever growing Footworxx Bookings, how did that feel when you were officially part of the agency ?

A8 – I was really awesome when they asked me. Many of my DJ friends already joined Footworxx so now I’m very proud that I’m part of the family too.

Q9 – This gets asked a lot but if you had to pick one which would it be ? DJ’ing or producing ?

A9 – That’s a tough one, but I have to say producing. Also because I do that way longer, but especially because watching a big crowd go crazy on your music, always gives me goosebumps! No matter who’s playing.

Q10 – These days theres so many aspiring new producers, can you give them any advice on a good approach to writing music ?

A10 –  Well just do what you love to do, try to create your own sound, but most important is that you have fun doing it. If you do it with passion, you’re music will improve every time.

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Interview wrote by Allan Smith / DJ Terror / Toxic Sickness