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Q1 – Hi Sandy, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to take part in this interview, I’m pretty sure that the readers would be curious to hear how the whole Footworxx organisation became a reality and what sparked the idea ?

A1 – Footworxx was actually founded in 2003 by Dieter Fiems and a friend of his and was techno orientated. In 2006 I asked him if he would be interested in organising a ‘Sandy Warez B-Day’. I knew Dieter because he booked me once for a hard techno set, but in 2006 my style was already getting harder. With the birthday party growing every year and other opportunities came up like stages on big hardcore festivals (Qontinent, Q-Base, Harmony of Hardcore,…), setting up our own bookings agency, more parties during the year and soon our monthly internet radio.

Q2 – You’ve exposed a lot of talented artists over the years who have went onto have successful careers but are there any DJ’s or producers we should keep our eyes open for ?

A2 -It is true that we like to give young talent a chance and we are also proud that our artists build up big careers. This means we have an eye for talent. The atmosphere at Footworxx is very familiar but also very professional. We are working with all modern technology and go out of our way to promote our artists.

Q3 – For any readers that don’t know, you’re a talented producer thats had great releases on The Third Movement, Audiogenic and of course Footworxx Recordings, do you have any plans to do any collaborations or exciting projects you can tell us about ?

A3 – At this moment there are a lot of collabs coming up, not only with me but with all our Footworxx artists. Keep your eyes open for it I would say.

Q4 – Are there any of your productions that you’re especially proud of ?

A4 – The album with me and Bartoch and our 2015 Sandy Warez B-Day anthem with 25 tracks !!!

Q5 – People know that Footworxx have hosted events in countries like Germany, Belgium, Holland and further afield in Australia, but are there any new countries in particular that you’d like to host an event ?

A5 – I would like to organise parties in Morocco and Japan. After that we just have to organise a party in South America and we will have done a party at each continent of the world.

Q6 – Are there any other genres of music besides hardcore that you like to listen to or produce ?

A6 – All electronic music is interesting for me, except for minimal techno. I like techno but minimal has really destroyed that scene.

Q7 – Are there any artists that have inspired you in the early days when you were starting out in music and most importantly are there any of todays DJ’s or producers who inspire you ?

A7 – My early inspiration came from Lenny Dee (hardcore), Jeff Mills (techno), and front 242 (elektro trash). Nowadays I can get inspired by everything.

Q8 – What one bit of studio equipment can you not live without ?

A8 -My PC with Reason 8 (program).

Q9 – Can you name your top three tracks what are doing the damage in clubs at the minute ?

A9 – The three upcoming Footworxx tracks ?

Q10 – What was the first big festival you played and were you nervous ?

A10 – The first really big festival was Defqon 1 where I played at the Green techno stage (2006). I was exited and motivated, it’s not really nerves but more adrenaline. Once I was really really nervous and that was at Montagood in 2010 were I had to play on the techno stage before 6000 – 7000 people.

Interview wrote by Allan Smith (DJ Terror) Toxic Sickness