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Q1 – Hi Zik, first of all I’d like to say thanks for taking time to answer some questions for us. Can you tell our readers how and when you broke into the hardcore scene ?

A1 – Thanks guys for giving me the opportunity, When I was 10 years old (2005) I listened to Hardstyle and Hardcore music. The reason for that was that it has an emotional sound with a simple kick.

Q2 – You’ve had releases on Offensive, Toxic Sickness Digital and Footworxx and you’ve just recently wrote the anthem for the upcoming Falcon event in Amsterdam, how did it feel being asked to do that ?

A2 – I was very proud Cyndium asked me to make the anthem for Falcon, it will be massive track with a strong kick.

Q3 – You have played some good events in Holland but are there any big events you’d still like to play ?

A3 – Yes off course. I want to play at some bigger events, one of them is Masters of Hardcore but I also want to play in other countries and see the Hardcore scene elsewhere.

Q4 – Do you have any remix or collaboration projects lined up that you can tell us about ?

A4 – Yes I have made the remix for the Unfamous, the title is ”Fuck your life” and I’m now busy with the Accuser to make a track together. I have also made a track with Spitnoise: Technology and there is  more to come.

Q5 – Can you tell us your top three tracks you’re playing at the moment ?

A5 – Destructive Tendencies ft Andy the Core – Drugs And Alcohol
Diplo Feat Nicky Da B – Express Yourself ( The Beatkrusher Bootleg)
Cryogenic – Victimized

Q6 – If you had to pick one to permanently do which would it be, DJ’ing or producing ?

A6 – Producing, every day something else and new, you can put all your creativity into it.

Q7 – Everyone has some sort of inspiration or person that has inspired them, did you have any artists that inspired you before you started DJ’ing in the hardcore scene ?

A7 – Partyraiser, Paul Elstak,  and The Beatkrusher because he told me to finish my tracks.

Q8 – Can you describe your music productions in three words ?

A8 – Simple, emotional, fast.

Q9 – If you could pick any one artist to play a vs DJ set with who would it be and why ?

A9 – Partyraiser, one of the best DJ’s in the scene and I can learn a lot from him

Q10 – Where do you see yourself in five years ?

A10- Living from my music, as well as a DJ and producer. I hope everybody in the hardcore scene and above knows me and likes my music and DJ sets.