Watching Ultra Music Festival this weekend? There’s so much more to “EDM”

Watching Ultra Music Festival this weekend? There’s so much more to “EDM”


Yes. As with most other “EDM” fans, I watched Ultra Music Festival on Twitch this weekend.

I didn’t watch much, but I watched enough. Nowadays, with a lot of the big DJs, they just play all these big progressive house or simply “big drop” songs. Yes, you’d think that that’s perfect for an electronic music festival, but I don’t think it does electronic music, as a whole, justice.

“EDM” is now seen, in my eyes, as the sort of hipster, YOLOswag music.

This in turn, puts a lot of the non “EDM” lovers off all electronic music.

Take, for example, the label Anjunadeep, and their artists like Lane 8, Cubicolour,Vincenzo.

These are the modern day composers, the modern day Mozarts in my opinion. They produce truly beautiful sounding music, electronic music, that all the world could and should listen to and love. Unfortunately, these sort of artists, on these sort of labels, will never get to play main stage at Ultra. Why? Because you can’t go absolutely crazy, and dance the roof off with that sort of music. Or so people believe. I mean think about it. Yes you won’t be able to go crazy as the beat drops, but you’ll really get something more out of the experience, a much deeper, more meaningful thing.

It’s a shame that people like David Guetta, Afrojack etc. get all the show headlines. They are the flag bearers of electronic music, and they just don’t do it justice to be honest.

I am sitting here listening to Lane 8’s new Spring 2015 mixtape, and my oh my it’s musical bliss.

One day, we’ll have massive music festivals celebrating artists like Lane 8, Cubicolour, we’ll have thesoundyouneed festivals,majestic casual festivals, mrsuicidesheep festivals. And they’d be terrific, truly ambient, chill experiences.

So before you watch, rewatch, relisten, whatever, to Ultra Music Festival , remember there’s a hell a lot more to “EDM”/electronic music.There really is.

We all like some big room drops, but I’ll take a deep, chill beat over it anyday, why not try it out too? Check out one of Lane 8’s newest singles , and yeah. Thank me later.