Kostume Kult: Hosting the Next Big Burning Man Fundraiser Event in Manhattan

Kostume Kult: Hosting the Next Big Burning Man Fundraiser Event in Manhattan



Last week Thunder Gumbo and Icarus decided to host a successful fundraising event for Burning Man.  Parties such as this one occur throughout the year in order to help Burner campsites gain funding for their particular site or project.


On March 7th, 2015 “Freezing Sun, Burning Moon” was held at The Wick.  This venue was a former brewery now transformed into a space for live musical events.   The FSBM party held 6 stages, hidden lounges for relaxing, and indoor/ outdoor space.  So what makes a Burning Man party different than a regular Brooklyn Warehouse party?


Well, lets also mention the fire-dancing performers, interactive winter games (snowman building contest), body painting, aerial contortionists, burlesque, and wheel of fortune. This was truly a night to remember with people willing to help the BM community.

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Now, it is Kostume Kult’s turn to take the reigns. This camp allows others to borrow costumes created by the group for the Burning Man festivities. They are widely known for creating outfits for the annual West Village Halloween parade in NYC. Kostume Kult welcomes anyone who wants to join, and helps each individual find his or her “inner artist”.

HB15-Final_smallWith much anticipation for this fundraiser, Club Slake is prepared to host the “Horned Ball” on April 4th, 2015. Participants are encouraged to arrive in any sort of horned outfit, or warrior look. There will be four rooms for DJ sets including:

– Connie (Resolute/Nosi)

– WhiteOwlJaguar (Talon&Claw)

– Binative featuring Milk & Groovecreator (Kostume Kult/Ph Recordings)

– Beatkitty (Kostume Kult/Icarus)

– Xris Smack (Stimulate)… In the Funderdome!

– Cooper James (Talon&Claw)

– PartyFoul5000 (Thunder Gumbo)

– DK (Kostume Kult/Toad) with live vocals by Liah Alonso

– Captain Shaggy2K (Space Pirates/Disorient)

– Matt Elixir & STLTZ tagteam set (Space Pirates/Disorient)

– KDubz (Space Pirates)

– Johnny V (Pop Up Groove- Philly)

 Themed rooms, small art installations and activities will also be featured. So get ready to dust off your Viking hat, buy your ticket, and stretch for a long night of dancing.  For purchasing tickets and more information about the “Horned Ball” please click here .

If you are unable to attend and/or don’t live in the Manhattan area, there are always smaller BM events hosted throughout the country. You can find your BM community through facebook and join your desired group. Each local BM organization will update you on upcoming events such as “The Horned Ball”.