Why Stadium Seating For an EDM Show Makes No Sense

Why Stadium Seating For an EDM Show Makes No Sense


It wasn’t too long ago when Jack U performed at Madison Square Garden in NYC for New Years Eve. I know, because I was one of the many fans looking forward to dancing 2014 away and making my night epic.  Unfortunately, when I looked up the tickets on Ticket Master – it stated that all GA floor tickets were sold out; only seats in “the bloody nose section” were available.

Sure, $45 to see Jack U is a bargain, but what was the point if I had a seat in my way and can’t even be in the crowded mix.  Isn’t that why we love EDM shows so much?



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It just doesn’t seem worth spending a silly amount of money when you can wait to see your beloved DJ perform another time, in a decent environment, for a more expensive price. Like everyone says, “you get what you pay for”.

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This brings me to my next thought – who on earth purchases those tickets?

EDM fans love house, trance, dub step, etc. because you can dance however you want without any judgment, let loose after working hard, have a love for rhythm and music, or just love the environment and energy it brings. I highly doubt a chair sitting right behind you is going to give you the space you need. For the people who prefer to sit at an EDM show – please know that you are missing out, and please try the dance floor – you wont regret it.

Tomorrow (March 13, 2015) the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC is presenting Steve Aoki, for another cake throwing blow-up boat event. This is part of his Neon Future. I tour. I looked at the tickets, and again I see odd seating available in opera boxes. My mind is blown away to the thought of someone purchasing an opera box ticket for $125 instead of the GA floor for $60. I am also curious to know if the venue knows what type of event they are hosting, and if they did their research on the DJ.

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This brings me to the Halloween of 2014 where Knife Party was to perform their show BOO! At Barclays Center in Brooklyn the same night Pier of Fear was occurring – with major headliners such as Borgeous, Adventure Club, Tommy Trash, Cazzette, and DJ Craze.

My mind was set on seeing Knife Party because they are my favorite DJ’s. But, yes. The venue they were playing at was the same set up as Madison Square Garden and Hammerstein Ballroom.

Of course, it was not surprising to see GA floor tickets sold out. So… in order to guarantee a night of dancing, I had to turn to “good ole Stub Hub”. To make this the kicker of the night – it turned out that both venues had decided to collaborate the two parties together for one epic show. My opinion- less time to listen to each DJ, more people jammed into one venue, and most importantly – Barclays Center probably couldn’t sell those seated tickets.

To conclude this semi-rant on why purchasing a ticket with a seat is preposterous – is any EDM fan should never waste their hard earned money on a “bad seat”. Lets face it; shows are expensive. So put your money towards another show in the future where you’re guaranteed to have a memorable night.