Calvin Harris Gives You Acid

Calvin Harris Gives You Acid


A couple of years ago, Forbes did a list of the 10 most profitable DJs in the world from the previous year. Atop the list of usual suspects (Tiesto/Skrillex/Deadmau5/Avicii/blah blah yawn) was Calvin Harris, who had made–and no, this is not a misprint–$46 million f*cking dollars the previous year.

The point is, whatever your opinion of pop EDM is (and opinions tend to run hot on the subject), chances are good that a lot of the credit or blame belongs to Calvin Harris. Although my own feelings on bubblegum-house tend toward the negative, Calvin Harris gets a pass for throwing well-deserved sunshine on the amazing John Newman (if you do not own “Love Me Again”, you are dead to me) via their #1 single, “Blame”.

Anyway, the glitter-spangled corporate monolith (aka Mr. Harris) has a new single and video out this week called “Slow Acid”. It features a gritty young woman (who just happens to look like an American Apparel model) stalking the mean streets of some shadowy metropolis whilst being painted head-to-toe in gunpowder-blue metallic paint.

Mostly our heroine just stares moodily off camera while wearing a hoodie, but she also finds time to hold up a convenience store and dance around naked a bit. Whether this song/video will provoke you to do these things also is as yet unknown, but we sincerely advise against the armed robbery. As for dancing around naked while painted up like a sexy cyborg, you have our unqualified support.