Think Deadmau5 (and DJ Mag) is the F*cking Worst? U R...

Think Deadmau5 (and DJ Mag) is the F*cking Worst? U R Not Alone!



Properly observing that DJ Mag’s list of the 100 Top Djs is essentially a worthless popularity contest (akin to a Zagat restaurant guide listing the nation’s two best houses of haute cuisine as “McDonald’s & Olive Garden”), a website has compiled a parody list that is nonetheless more daring & comprehensive than the thing it satirizes.

It celebrates the very best of the very worst that EDM had to offer this year. Considering how feverish the race has been to discover just how far down the bottom of the barrel goes, special honor must be accorded to this year’s champion: humor-and-brevity averse laptop superstar, Deadmau5!

Answering definitively the question “what would a two hour remix of a Paul Oakenfold song sound like?” with his latest double-album “While 1<3”, the Canadian with the wacky mascot head beat out a crowded field of impressive aspirants to the throne, including Paris Hilton, Pauly D, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Tiesto and Avicii.

The full is list is here: