Is Zac Efron the next Avicii?

Is Zac Efron the next Avicii?


In this video, resurgent It-boy Zac Efron gets a few turntable tips from perpetual It-DJ Alesso. Does this mean a phoenix-like transformation for Efron from professional pretty person to professional pretty person who twiddles knobs in front of massive crowds?

“That’s ridiculous,” you may be saying. “Becoming a superstar DJ is about more than just coasting on your looks while someone else pulls the strings behind the scenes.”

And then you realize that Avicii not only exists, but he currently has the most-played song in Spotify history.

So while Efron doesn’t have a marketing monster like Ash Pournouri (Avicii’s puppetmaster) behind him, he’s more camera friendly than EDM’s sentient Swedish Ken doll. Plus, with Alesso in his corner, he’s nearly a mortal lock to produce a better album than True.

But before you begin to dry heave at the prospect of the dude from High School Musical headlining the next Hardfest, don’t worry. Efron is merely doing a little character study for an upcoming film, “We Are Your Friends”, in which he plays an up-and-coming DJ negotiating his career among the crazy LA club scene.