Joker’s breakout LP is here!

Joker’s breakout LP is here!



Remember when J-Lo released “Waiting for Tonight” just before the big Y2K hit?  Ok so most of you probably don’t.  It was your typical popular J-Lo dance track, well fast forward to 2015 and we’ve got the FUTURE BASS version for your listening pleasure…and so much more.

Today, Joker released a masterpiece of a sophomore LP titled “The Mainframe”. Now if you haven’t heard of Joker yet you’re definitely going to want to check out the video below for this first single “Midnight”. It completely blew me away. I remember thinking to myself “This the best use of J-Lo sample EVER!”.  I knew dude was legit when Bassnectar quickly dropped his remix of Midnight shortly after.  The visuals in that video are great, but back to the actual album.  The level of production on this album is off the charts.  Full of futuristic bass, beautiful keys, gritty bass lines and sexy vocals with a very cinematic vibe to it.   Mix in Joker’s unique synth style and you’ll be ready to turn some heads at your next after-party. Don’t sleep on this upcoming producer — I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

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