EDM Producer Kills the Kendrick Lamar Remix in One Hour Flat While...

EDM Producer Kills the Kendrick Lamar Remix in One Hour Flat While Driving


I am in contact with quite  a few up and coming producers in the EDM scene, and I like to keep up with them as they grind their way from gig to gig, finding new music and making new music in incredible ways. One of my favorites, Poniiboi, was able to create a smokin hot chill trap funk remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” while on the road from Raleigh to Hampstead, North Carolina.

The remix was posted to his Soundcloud just today and the link is below. Ponii said that he used Sonar X3, a DAW that is usually reserved for classical composers. However, its intuitive interface allows for a really easy mixing process – one that Ponii utilized to its fullest – because he made the track while driving!

“I figured that people text when they drive, and that’s illegal AND unproductive,” Ponii said to me in a short interview I conducted with him after hearing the track. “I might as well do something that’s going to benefit myself and my fans while I’m stuck in traffic.”

The result is pretty cool, to say the least. The track mixes in Kendrick Lamar pitched down trappy vocals with an interpolation of the classic “Dre Day,” futuristic Sylenth keytar solos and a twist during the second drop that you’re just going to have to hear in order to believe. It made me lol, and it’s been a while since an electronic based track made me do that.


Pretty good for a one-handed one hour job! Can’t wait to hear more from this guy.