These Kids Dance to Rave Music Better Than You

These Kids Dance to Rave Music Better Than You


Let’s start off this Presidents’ Day with a little kick in the pants from tiny tots around the world. Basically, all of you need to step your dance game up, because there are little kids half your size from countries that you can’t pronounce who will come into the rave and shuffle that nice looking rave girl right away from you. You’re lucky that most of these events have a minimum age limit.

Video highlight: 0:47 – kid out shuffles all of you with no music.

Have you started practicing yet? Maybe you need a little bit of new music yourself to get into the mood. Bookmark this article and this author – I will be bringing you the best music from around the world every week. I’m still trying to figure out on which day of the week I will actually do this – I’m thinking Wednesdays. Yeah, it will probably be Wednesdays, because that is the day where people need a huge pick me up.

Umm, you can thank me anytime for sitting down in front of my laptop going through Soundcloud profiles all day so that you do not have to. You’re welcome. I like you anyway – I’d do it for free.

Wait a minute: I am doing it for free.