5 Techno Tracks to look out for – February 2015

5 Techno Tracks to look out for – February 2015



1. Etai Tarazi – Desire (Release Date: March 2nd, 2015)

New Yorker Etai Tarazi, though fairly new to the techno scene, is quickly gaining global support from the biggest DJs in the business. Last year, his hit track “Ready Or Not, ” released on Sian’s Octopus Recordings, smashed the charts and clubs across the world. He then followed up with his Escape EP which was quite different, but just as strong, with three darker tracks that were very well received. It’s no surprise, then, that Sian has invited the producer back for a third release on the label.

My favorite track from Etai’s upcoming Prelude EP has to be “Desire.” This track is stylistically similar to “Escape,” though it definitely has some clubbier elements. The master producer shifts the hats and leads around to give this track a feeling of absolute power. “Desire” will be out on March 2nd on Octopus Recordings, so keep an eye out for this banger!

2. Roberto Capuano – Never Stop (Release Date: February 23rd, 2015)

Die-hard fans of Drumcode Radio will know that this track was supposed to come out on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Records sometime in the near future. Well, plans changed, and it will instead be released sooner on Drumcode’s sister label, Truesoul Records, along with the lesser-known “Around.”

This song has a very atmospheric and open sound, which seems to be Roberto’s specialty these days. The flowing sawtooth hook makes this track immediately stand out, along with the airy vocals. “Never Stop” is a perfect track to end a late night of clubbing.

3. Skober – Back to Life (Release Date: TBA)

“Back to Life” isn’t a secret, unreleased promo anymore. In fact, despite the fact that it has not been released yet, it may be one of Skober’s most popular tracks of all time. Reportedly, this track was the result of Pig&Dan asking Skober to “make an excellent track.” I believe that he exceeded expectations in every way possible.

The track has Skober’s trademark synths, bass-heavy beat, and pulsing stabs. I’m not exactly sure what makes this track so special for me, but I get the chills and goosebumps every time I hear it. Maybe it’s the expertly-tuned vocals, or the catchy melody, or maybe it’s the fact that the mix is incredibly clean. Either way, “Back to Life” is definitely on my list of favorites.

4. Alan Fitzpatrick – OCD (Release Date: February 23rd, 2015)

“What? ‘Turn Down the Lights’ has four tracks? No way!” Last year, UK-based Alan Fitzpatrick’s most recent Drumcode EP was released, featuring three innovative and elegant tracks. Around the same time, Alan was playing a new production of his called “OCD,” which, for one reason or another, was not included on the EP. In addition, the release’s most popular track, “Organic,” was not featured on the vinyl version. Now, after four months, they are releasing a second vinyl disk. DC134.5 features both “Organic” and “OCD.”

This bonus track is incredibly hard-hitting, with a thumping kick drum, violent stabs, and heavy claps. The bassline is similar to that of “The Catalyst,” with the volume dropping on every even beat for a back-and-forth effect. Get this monster on vinyl only on February 23rd!

Victor Calderone – Skin (Release Date: March 2nd, 2015)

Everyday, I can find less people who remember the sound of Drumcode’s past, or even anything before DC100. But “Skin” is not Victor Calderone’s debut release for Drumcode. He wrote “The Journey Begins” with Nicole Moudaber, a track that became one of the most loved of 2012. For those who remember these times, Victor has a lot to live up to. And for those who don’t, well, Drumcode has a lot to live up to. But Victor doesn’t flee from a challenge.

Four of Victor’s new promo tracks have been played recently in Drumcode Radio, and two of them (“Skin” and “Burden”) will see a release on DC139. “Skin” is my personal favorite of the two, a very dark track with some subtle house elements. The bass is everywhere, pitch-bent to the max, giving a feel that, when combined with a reverberated snare hit, is reminiscent of Loco & Jam’s sound. To top it off, he uses a vocal pad combined with a drone to create one of the heaviest recent Drumcode weapons.

Keep an eye out for these tracks, and also for my five picks of next month!