Five Old Electronic Hits You May or May Not Remember

Five Old Electronic Hits You May or May Not Remember


Electronic music has grown so much over the past 5 years that any of the stuff before that kind of got pushed away. Now I know there’s a ton of absolutely amazing songs out there, but i’m going to try and condense it down to only five songs. The songs will be based more on how popular they were back in the day, instead of having my personal favorites.

1. DJ Sammy’s “Heaven”, part of his second studio album named Heaven. Not everyone might  right away say they know this tune, but after you hear the catchy lyrics hopefully your memories jogged.

2. Oh god not “Dreamscape” by 009 Sound System, we all know this. Every single one of us know and probably hate Dreamscape. Not because its bad, but if you used YouTube you heard it way to much. the reason you heard it so much is that when you had a copyrighted song playing in your video it would be flagged, removed, and switched to Dreamscape.

3. for this one all I have to say is Darude… “Sandstorm”.

4. Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch”. With it’s mesmerizing lyrics it makes this song a blast to sing with friends. It made the list because everyone can remember heading over to the roller rink for a school trip and hearing this song over and over again.

5.  If within the last 10 years you have been to a middle school dance, then you definitely know this song. Rednex’s “Cotton Eye Joe”, this hillbilly sounding song with a techno twist is great for party’s with it’s riveting beats.