The Sit Back and Relax Songs of 2014

The Sit Back and Relax Songs of 2014


This winter, whether you are laying on the beaches of California taking in the sunshine, or hunkered down in your house with a nice cup of hot chocolate. No matter where you are in the world, there’s nothing more pleasing then to sit back and play a chill and relaxing electronic tune. I have comprised a list of 5 Electronic songs that I have found calm and relaxing. These songs are guaranteed to relax you and put a smile on your face. These songs that I chose have been have been released over the past few years, They’re songs I have been listening to the most this year.

To start off this list will be the Exmags “Tilt Mode” featuring Gibbz. Not only is it an incredibly chill song with smooth vocals and an absolute catchy riffs, but with its amazing lyrics it’s also one of the best bedroom tracks of all time.

The next song is from my personal favorite artist Kygo with his first ever original song “Firestone”. Kygo has created a sound which no other person will come close to matching.

The third song is a beautiful remix by M Machine’s of Mat Zo’s “Lucid Dreams”, a masterfully created mix with the strategically placed abstract vocals. Put on some headphones, lay back in your bed, close your eyes, and peacefully sleep to “Lucid dreams”. You may just have some sweet lucid dreams.

The fourth artist on this list is a less known artist who goes by the name Dye with his song “Fantasy”. This song is very well known for its music video which has an absurd amount of graphic content. The song itself does not compare to the intensity of the music video, the song is absolutely smooth,relaxing, calming, and my personal favorite on this list.

Last on the group of songs is a returning artist, Kygo is back with his most popular song, the remix of Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire”. This song has accumulated over 21 million views on soundcloud and it’s well deserved!