Lightning in a Bottle Lineup Released!

Lightning in a Bottle Lineup Released!



Lightning In A Bottle


May 21st – 25th : Bradley, California

It’s not just a music festival, it’s a way of life. Lightning in a Bottle is a community full of art, love, and energy. The family you’ve been longing for. This festival has so much more to offer than incredible music. “Indulge in this season’s incredibly diverse Temple line-up, a stimulating exploration into: sacred activism, relationships, culinary creations, yogic practice, the esoteric, permaculture, collaboration techniques, spirituality, sustainability, personal health, art and transformation.” The Do Lab has embraced a culture that fills your heart with compassion. Take your good vibes and love of the arts to make memories that will last a lifetime. Everything at this festival is designed to “activate your body, expand your mind, and open your heart.” Don’t wait until the last minute, tickets are still for sale so grab your friends and family for a weekend like no other. Embark on this journey and you’ll never regret it. Whether it’s an early morning meditation session at the Temple, a midday art workshop in the Village, or watching the sun set behind the bamboo stage, there is something for everyone.


“Feel your heart, not your mind.”