MOLA 3.5_2

From Ibiza to London, MOLA is finally brining its avant-garde clubbing experience to the United States. Any good DJ these days knows that visual and set designs are just as important as the music at a live show, and all keep trying to up their production. But that still wasn’t enough for Spanish DJ Andrés Arias. Sick and tired of the usual boring way electronic music is presented at clubs, he founded MOLA CLUB in 2012 to spice the scene up a bit.

The fun began in Cabo de Palos, Murcia. MOLA’s resident DJs Arias and Victor Vera combined techno and deep house with toys, balloons, inflatable animals, and Where’s-Waldo-themed designs to create a fresh and intimate party experience. News of the party spread like wild fire, and as people now identify Jauz with his Sharksquad, MOLA quickly adopted their own clan of MOLARIANS. Everyone wears striped t-shirts and sunglasses at the parties, and people will not stop dancing until the sun comes up. In the summer of 2013, MOLA BOAT set sail on the Mediterranean Sea, and last Spring Arias brought the touring party to London.

MOLA has become synonymous with summer in Ibiza, and New York will have the pleasure of experiencing “fun without limits” at Slake on March 5th.

Check out MOLA CLUB’s London aftermovie to see what NYC is about to get themselves into…