Breakthrough Artist Alchemind Releases Epic Debut Album

Breakthrough Artist Alchemind Releases Epic Debut Album


Alchemind_ Revelation_ R3
We are very excited to announce the debut release of Alchemind, a brand new, high-impact artist that just dropped his first LP, 7 tracks called Revelation.

Revelation is a sweeping, epic journey that can only be described as cinematic. It takes you through a soundscape of emotions punctuated with exquisite high-energy drops. Alchemind has that fresh perspective bringing true beauty back to dance music while still creating moments of mainstage-worthy banger-dom. Expect to get emotionally wasted and love it.

Highlights include the stunning vocals of Liliana in ‘Kinetic Field’, a track that perfectly captures the magic moment of stepping onto the magic carnival dancefloor of EDC. Whether you’ve been, or will be going someday, this song will instantly take you there, to that high-energy moment we all live for of arriving at the main stage. ‘Kinetic Field’ blurs into an unexpected dubstep-style bass drop, coupled with big room drums, and then breaks back into the soothing, sensual voice of Liliana. This track embodies the energetic essence of our shared raving experience, as does the album as a whole.

Alchemind pulls at universal emotions and experience, but makes it all feel brand new. The revelation occurs when consumer becomes the creator and starts making the music they want to experience at the rave – in this case, an arresting mixture of every genre that uplifts and transforms your energetic state. This is the dawning of a new day in electronic music, the student has become the master.


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