Festival Tip 007 – Get Wet

Festival Tip 007 – Get Wet


Festival Tip 007 Get Wet

The Situation:  You’re in the middle of the crowd with your crew and your favorite headliner is going in hard on his set.
Everyone’s having a good time, when all of a sudden the texture of the air around you dampens, and the clouds above you shift together in a foreboding mass.  The rain starts to fall, and with it your mood.  You didn’t anticipate the inclement weather and didn’t want to sacrifice valuable packing space for rain gear you’d never end up wearing anyway, so your cotten is about to get soaked. Looks like you chose the wrong weekend to test your luck.  Nature’s killed your vibes.  Or has she?

The Tip:  You came to a music festival, not a wedding; you expected to get sweaty and ugly.  Getting muddy and wet shouldn’t be an issue.  What is an issue is your smartphone, ipod, car keys, wallet, and other liquid-sensitive valuables.  If you don’t have a waterproof jacket or backpack readily available, get to your food supply.  Double ziploc your valuables individually and put them in an inside compartment of your backpack, leaving only essentials in your pockets.

When it comes time to get some rest, make sure your tent isn’t set on a depressed area of earth – and if it is, move it to higher ground so as to not wind up sleeping in a puddle.  Prime location or no, fold the edges of your ground tarp under so any liquid rolls off instead of in.  Keep your food and valuables in the center of the tent as moisture tends to accumulate around corners and edges.

Pro Tip: Nature’s not here to ruin your fun, only to test your ingenuity.  Party harder than ever and help raise the spirits of everyone around you.