Festival Tips 001 – Crowd Navigation

Festival Tips 001 – Crowd Navigation


As the summer festival season comes to a close, we’ve all been balls deep in some pretty rowdy crowds by now. That means you’ve undoubtedly dealt with some terrible crowd ettiquette

Crowd Navigation

The situation: Diplo is just about to go on and you’re just entering the festival. You know you need to be front and center to catch him when he rides the crowd in a hamster ball, and to try and twerk on stage. Totally relatable, we’ve all been there. A huge crowd has amassed overflowing the stage, and people are squished in like sardines. You’re going to have to fuck some shit up to get to the front. Elbows out, game face on.

The tip: Slow down ghost-rider. You’re late to a major artist’s set at a large-scale event. If you really wanted to be against the rails getting railed by bass you would have gotten in there early with your rave family and locked down a section. It’s too late for you to get there, don’t even try. Mission impossible.

They best thing you can do is navigate slowly through the less densely populated areas like a gentleman and or gentlewoman. Keep your bows at your side and get as deep into the crowd as you can before you turn into the crowd killer in our 20 people you always see at festivals article. Tap shoulders and ask if you can move by, offer smiles, high-fives and gum as compensation.

Next time get there early and navigate to the front of the stage as quickly as you can. Go to the bathroom first, bring plenty of water and whatever else you’ll need for your stay — because it will be a long one. Once you leave you probably won’t be able to get back.

Pro Tip: Never navigate during the drop.