Festival Tips 002 – Lightshow Location

Festival Tips 002 – Lightshow Location


Festival Tips 002 - Lightshow Location

The Situation: You’re on a mission to send the viewer of your lightshow into an eyegasm that they’ll never forget. After giving multiple shows to random ravers, you’re ready to go get in the crowd and bust some weird body motions out. You enter deep into the waves of people where it’s super crowded. Suddenly a wild geeked out woman appears. She’s kinda hot and sees you have gloves, so she asks for a lightshow. She quickly plops that thunthunthun down on the ground in the middle of the crowd, puts her Auroravizion diffraction glasses on for maximum levels mind f*ck, and gets ready for lift off.

The Tip: Hold on, glove master. You’re about to piss more than a few people off and endanger yourself. Dangerous Dave to your left is pulling off a next-level dubstep dip and needs plenty of room for epileptic swinging motions. He’s on a dance floor where he should not need to worry about kneeing people in the face while he’s doing it.

Swarms of individuals are also simultaneously navigating through the crowd. Since everyone surrounding you is standing, and you’re all in a dark environment, they won’t be able to see you. You can see where this is going…

If you must give a show of lights in the crowd on the dance floor, you should make sure that your clientele is standing up and you are aware of your surroundings. You’ll be protecting yourself, and other peoples health, by doing so. Not to mentioning being respectful and spreading that sweet, sweet PLUR!

Protip: Choose the bleachers or find some grass as the venue for your lightshows.