Festival Tips 003 – The Blackout

Festival Tips 003 – The Blackout


Festival Tips 003 - The Blackout

No, we’re not talking about getting blacked out on some sort of substance. This blackout is strictly musical.

The Situation: EDC is in a week and you’re more stoked than Steve Aoki in a cake factory. Set times just got released and you’ve already mapped out your game plan for artists to see. You’re especially stoked that your favorite artist is playing. In anticipation of that fateful day, you’ve been listening to their music non-stop.

The Tip: Enter the blackout. A basic law of human sensation dictates that the longer that you abstain from a certain stimulus, the harder it will hit you when you finally engage it again. This holds true in many categories of sensation including drugs, sex and food.

It’s also a phenomenon that occurs with music. That’s the premise of the pre-festival music blackout. Deprive your ears of their favorite thing until you get to the festival. When you finally do hear music it’ll be like popping that ear cherry all over again.

Protip: Start your blackout a full week before for best results.