Festival Tips 004 – Han Solo

Festival Tips 004 – Han Solo


Festival Tips 004 - Han Solo

Sometimes you’ve gotta go Han Solo.

The Situation: You decided last minute to go to some random festival, got your tickets at a marked-up day-before price, and haven’t even hit any of your friends up yet about going. When you finally do get around to calling the rave fam, you find out that Suzy is in Guatemala on vacation, Rave-Fox (no one knows his real name) has soccer practice, and Miranda has a sorority thing. You get sketched out because raves are dark, loud and a super social experience in general. You’ve never cruised to one by yourself.

The Tip: Don’t trip, friend. Pull a Han Solo and mob that event like it’ll be your last. You’ll find out really quickly that most any EDM event is filled with good people who are down to make new rave buddies. Our community is great in this regard.

If you’re not a social butterfly, you’ve still got a full festival ahead of you with fantastic music and visuals. Some people actually prefer to hit up shows this way after going with a group because they don’t have to deal with picking sets and taking pictures every 34 seconds. Remember the social aspect of raving is only one part of a host of reasons people go to EDM events. There’s a lot of fun to be had gaining new perspectives on the way you visit shows — sometimes go for the music, to make new friends, to find a girlfriend/boyfriend, or just to dance.

Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes and a smile!

Protip: Bring gum and cigarettes to use as conversation starters.