Festival Tips 006 – Where’s Waldo?

Festival Tips 006 – Where’s Waldo?



Festivals have this crazy tendency to turn people into Waldo quicker than you can say Dillon Francis loves Doritos locos tacos in Spanish.

The Situation: You’re at EDC 2018, in Kyoto, Japan, with a fat group of friends. The vibes are pretty sweet and you’ve had more than a few sake bombs. Half way through Skrillex’s set, nature calls and it’s time to hit the head. You tell all your friends that you’ll be departing on odyssey to the bathroom and leave.

You make it there, and cruise back to where you think your friends are at. Too late, Jake. They saw a fleet of Japanese anime girls in pasties and entered hot pursuit for a photosesh. You’re now rolling Han Solo, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you really want to be with your friends regardless.

You try calling, texting, skyping, tweeting and whatsapping them but that sh*t is just not working.

The Tip: Once you get detached from your group in a hectic scene like EDC 2018 Kyoto, Japan, it’s damn near impossible to find them again without spending hours walking around doing guesswork. That’s why you and your group should employ certain tactics to squash the possibility of getting lost.

Meeting spots can be set up at certain locations throughout the night so that if you do get lost, you can find your friends there. A good way to do it is to meet up at the top of every hour if someone gets lost. You can also arrange your set lists with your friends and always get the same spot on a stage. Back right side or something like that. That way you’ll know what stage your amigos are at, and have a general idea on where they’ll be.

Another way, which requires some arts and crafts fun time, is to build a totem. That’s a tall stick that your crew will recognize from a distance. If it’s tall and recognizable enough, you’ll always be able to find your friends.

Protip: Get walkie talkies and use them instead of your phone.