Festival Tips 008 – Cellular Savior

Festival Tips 008 – Cellular Savior


Festival Tips 008 - Cellular Savior

Let’s face it: cell phone service sucks giant donkey dong at festivals.

The Situation: You’ve just entered the Las Vegas Speedway along with 100,000+ other people. Your best friend is somewhere deep in the pits at the main stage and you really need to meet up with him because he has your… kandi.

You pull out that sweet new iPhone 5 you just bought to send out a text to arrange a meet up. Uh oh. Surprise, ravemaster — your message won’t go through.

The Tip: Unfortunately, when tens to hundreds of thousands of network connected devices conglomerate in a tiny area, they’re going to have a bad time. The cellular towers absolutely sh*t their pants and don’t have the ability to handle so many phones so closely together. You’ll be lucky if you can get a few texts to go through. And in the process you’ll drain your battery faster than DJ Bl3nd hits play on his iPod during live sets. If you lose your friends you’ll turn into Waldo very quickly.

One trick that will increase your chances of getting a text to go through. That is to turn off your internet data, network data, or whatever your phone calls it. Leave only the cellular reception which allows for texting and calling enabled.

You can also try going to the very furthest outskirt of the venue to distance yourself from the other phones.

While these tips may work for you, what you really should have done is prearranged meet up spots. <—- More on this here.

Pro Tip: Turn off your phone, make new friends if you get lost and party Han Solo.