Festival Tips 009 – Cellular Savior Part 2

Festival Tips 009 – Cellular Savior Part 2


Festival Tips 009 - Cellular Savior 2

In the first part of the cell phone savior series we covered how to get better service inside events. This time around we’re going to show you how to conserve your battery like a champion.

The Situation: EDC 2018 Singapore is halfway through and you’ve found yourself stranded and alone in full Han Solo mode. You’ve tried all the tips to get better cell service, but none of your messages will go through. At that it seems like your battery is draining really fast and you’ve got a little yellow bar telling you 30% battery is left. You’re worried about being able to find your way back to the car and finding your friends later.

The Tip: In this scenario the most advisable route to take is just turning your cell phone off until the event is over. That way you’ll have the juice to get a hold of your amigos when the show is over. What you should do is try to avoid the low battery situation all together.

The obvious tip here is to charge your phone all the way up until you leave for the show. The larger reserve you start the show with the longer it’s going to last. There are other less obvious precautions you can take, too.

Before you get into the festival, turn your data plan completely off. That is basically your internet connection, so you will still have your texting and calling enabled. Other things you should turn off are wifi, bluetooth. Pretty much anything else that uses extra battery life that you won’t be using.

Close out apps, and dim your light to the very lowest setting. The backlight is one of the largest power drainers on new age phones. Because of that, you should also have the screen turn off after a very short period of time. Most phones have a setting to adjust that. Y

Finally, if you’re willing to carry a little extra weight in a backpack, or on the phone you can buy portable battery chargers and cases for your phone. Those will double to triple your battery life, and you’ll never have to even worry about the past few tips.

Pro Tip: Save your set list / the lineup as the background of your phone. Saves time + battery.