Festival Tips 010 – Team No Sleep

Festival Tips 010 – Team No Sleep


Festival Tips 010 - Team No Sleep

Dancing at full ratchet-flex force for 12 hours isn’t easy.

The Situation: You’re about halfway through EDC 2027 Yugoslavia, and Jimmy Aoki (Asian Jesus’s son) is playing the decks like a fiddle. After 6 hours of busting loose professional-level dancing, your tank is pretty much on empty.

You’re a straight-edge PLUR warrior who’s just there for the music, so exogenous psychostimulants aren’t the answer in this sitch. I guess it’s time to either head home, or sit on the grass in the background and spectate.

The Tip: I remember my first party. It’s time to kiss your circadian rhythm goodbye and invest in some blackout curtains.

If you want to party at an elite level right through the butt-crack of dawn, you’re going to need to get your days turned around. Especially if you’re doing it sober like a G. The best way to do this is simply to stay up super late on the days preceding the event, and then sleep in as late as you can. This way your day starts at 1, 2 or 3 PM, and you’ll have plenty of energy to go through the night.

Make sure your room completely blacked out for when the sun rises. If your room gets light you’ll just wake up early and be worse off then you would’ve waking up at a normal time.

Many people just try to go through their day normally beforehand an then expect to drink and energy drink and be straight. This is an option, but sleeping in late will keep your head more squarely on your shoulders. Caffeine when you’re already tired is relatively ineffective, and leads to some less than desirable side-effects.

The Pro-Tip: If you have a hard time staying up and sleeping in, use caffeine to stay up late, and then knock out with Benadryl. That will ensure you get good rest and sleep late through the day.