Pure Nightclub Shut Down After “Operation Poppin’ Molly” Sting

Pure Nightclub Shut Down After “Operation Poppin’ Molly” Sting


Let’s first take a quick moment to appreciate the name of this police sting operation.

“Operation Poppin’ Molly”.


According to First Coast News, 16 people were arrested and 20 more arrest warrants were issued after an undercover drug investigation of the Southside Jacksonville, FL club.

Over 100 transactions were completed between dealers and undercover officers in the club over a 10 week period.

The actual raid occurred Yesterday. The fire Marshall discovered multiple code violations that, paired with the drug issues, forced the club to shut down.


A quick look into the clubs social media pages reveal they do not give even one f*ck and are already promoting their next show with Cosmic Gate.


I’d like to see a follow-up to this where they test the drugs and find out that it’s all methylone.