Make Way For deadmau5’s Latest Toy, the MauMonster

Make Way For deadmau5’s Latest Toy, the MauMonster


Deadmau5 has his way of doing things whether it is music or managing his garage. First the very famous Purrari was designed with utmost taste and admiration for Nayan Cat. This was followed by Purracan which was based on a similar theme. The recent addition to the garage is something different.fullcar

This time the artist got himself a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. If you are a religious follower of the Dj then you would know that the vehicle was acquired back in November 2014.The car has been customized by Divine1 Customs which is based in Nevada. The vehicle has yet again been customized with that special Mau5 touch to it. The rims look sleek and classy, the bucket seats give it a sporty look but the thing that gives it that extra edge is the paint job.Unknown-2

The exo-roller cage not only adds protection but adds style to the vehicle. The lights this time around are something really to look for. The ones on the roof combined with the head lights are enough to host a concert of their own.

The music system includes a touchscreen panel combined with hardcore woofers in the back combined with the red interior.1614754e0efb997f6f_sized1614754e0efbf93fb4_sized

The Deadmau5 decals and engraved steering finishes the car up. To conclude it all the car lives up to its suggested name Maumonster.