New Technology Could Revolutionize the Way Ravers Attend Festivals

New Technology Could Revolutionize the Way Ravers Attend Festivals


We live in the 21st century which is dominated by technological advancements from smart phones to laptops to gaming consoles. The development and introduction of new technologies has become a norm and it is the best way to help propagate a particular culture.

The EDM scene has also adopted many of these new technologies and has become the playground of many developers. The first company to welcome such innovations was SFX Entertainment Co. and its Tomorrowland Music Festival. All those who have visited such festivals fully know that there is indeed room of innovation and much can be done to improve the experience of all ravers. SFX understood this need and introduced new technologies which improved the experience.


As of last year all the attendees of Tomorrowland were issued a bracelet which rendered the service of having the personal information of its owner and helped the people in avoiding the hassle of waiting in long ticketing lines. These also could be loaded with electronic cash and served as a medium to purchase items at the festival, promoting a cashless environment. The bracelets also emitted UHF frequencies which helped the people connect to one another on Facebook. The blue led lights present inside the bracelet could be activated by the organizers which helped create a show of their own.


With such technologies on the rise SFX has certainly not forgotten about those who cannot make it. The company has joined hands with a virtual tour startup YouVisit which would bring the festival in the palm of everyone. The company has come up with a method in which DSLR cameras are placed at a key location of every stage and they capture the 360 degree view of the stage. This combined with the help of computers will be used to create a well-connected image. The marketing manager of the festival Joe Silberzweig said

“Millennials are an experience generation; they want you to take them somewhere totally unique.”


With the birth of virtual holograms at Coachella all we can do is wait to see if such a technology will be available in the upcoming festival season.