Sam Gellaitry breaks through walls with Short Stories EP

Sam Gellaitry breaks through walls with Short Stories EP



Sam Gellaitry’s long awaited debut EP, Short Stories is here. Only born in 1997, Sam Gellaitry has been making waves since his breakout song, “Powder.” As another huge artist coming out of Soulection, Sam Gellaitry can do no wrong.

Sam is a producer out of Scotland who has created his own uptempo, recognizable sound.  “The EP is a representation of an exciting turning point in my life, combined with my aims of taking the listener to as many different musical landscapes as possible,” Gellaitry told Red Bull Studios.  With only five songs, the versatility of Sam Gellaitry shines through.  And with a unique sense of movement, Short Stories will guide you through some beautiful synth melodies to heavy trap; house to funky bass lines; beautiful piano medleys back to trap.  The stories told through this EP leave you only wanting more.

And if you only listen to one song, let it be “to earth and back.”  It is, in my opinion, the best representation of Sam’s originality (and my favorite).