The Dutch are About to Make History in The World of Ecstasy

The Dutch are About to Make History in The World of Ecstasy


Netherlands is the place to be when it comes to getting legalized drugs. It has maintained its throne for a long time. Being one of the countries which has legalized weed for a long time ago. While this maybe their way of gaining tax revenue or keeping up with time, they are going to quick when it comes to ecstasy or MDMA. A new organization plans to open up one of the first ecstasy shop in the country.

You heard it right the first ecstasy shop is due to open up on 18th May according to the initial reports. It is backed by a youth party in the Netherlands called Liberal Democrats (D66) party, which has a considerable amount of representation in the parliament.

The point they are making is the regulation of the drug is better than leaving it to the illegal distributers. This will bring in extra tax revenue to the government too. They claim that the deaths related to ecstasy are mostly because the substance is not pure enough and it is the combo with the impurities which make it lethal. The shop is intended to bring regulations which will aid in reducing the harm.


The shop will open once a week which is part of a campaign to ensure that laws are made to legalize it. The MDMJA will need 40,000 signatures in order to get it to the government.


“A recent study has shown that over half a million Dutch inhabitants have tried ecstasy at least once in their life.”