The 7 Best SoundCloud Radio Shows

The 7 Best SoundCloud Radio Shows


If you’re like me you can’t get enough of your favorite artists’ music. The best way I’ve found to keep up with some of my favorite DJs are their radio shows on SoundCloud. A lot of top tier artists are putting out radio shows as often as once a week. Below are seven shows that I never miss, and you shouldn’t either.

7Fedde Le Grand’s Dark Light Sessions

It doesn’t get better than this. Fedde Le Grand delivers an amazingly crafted mix on a weekly basis. In addition to the outstanding mix we’ve all come to expect from Fedde I always discover at least a track or two from what has become my favorite SoundCloud radio show.

6Simon Patterson’s Open Up

I love psy-trance and Simon is one of my go to artists. You’ll hear plenty of his own music blended with some of the top, new psy-trance of the day. Another weekly show that’s still somehow fresh every single week.

5Bryan Kearney’s Kearnage

While I’m on my psy-trance kick I cannot forget to mention Kearnage. I have to admit that I’m not in love with the name, but after hearing Kearney’s set at Escape last year I fell in love with some of the hardest trance to ever bless my eardrums. This show lets me revel in the nostalgia of a pounding trance beat that overwhelms the senses. I just wish it was posted as frequently or consistently as Open Up and Dark Light Sessions.

4Bingo Player’s Hysteria Radio

Another Electro House hard hitter Bingo Players delivers an outstanding mix, but it’s a slightly less impressive feat since this is a monthly program. Nevertheless I look forward to this mix every month because of all the new music I inevitably discover. Some of the best tracks I’ve heard were a direct result of listening to Hysteria Radio.

3Pretty Lights’ The HOT Sh*t

Pretty Lights delivers his signature style in a show that no self-respecting fan should be missing. Pretty Lights sounds like liquid art in a way that makes comparing The Hot Sh*t to the rest of these shows impossible. Like apples and oranges one’s not necessarily better, but this masterful, mellow mix makes for an enjoyable listen about once a week.

2Adam Beyer’s Drum Code

Perhaps the most aptly named of all the shows, Adam delivers exactly what you’d expect, some of the best the techno around. On a weekly basis you’ll either here a fantastic live set, or a brand new mix. Adam likes to bring in guests more than the other shows on this list which gives the show a different feel occasionally, but as another weekly mix you’ll still hear plenty of his own work.

1Dada Life’s [Insert Month] Mix

At the risk of overloading on Electro House I don’t think this list would be complete without a shout out to the fantastic mixes Dada Life puts out every month. New music, new remixes, and a heaping amount of Olle and Stefan’s unique sense of humor. Listening to this should be one of the Rules of Dada if it isn’t already.

These are just some of my favorites. If you think I’ve missed something then let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for new music, and new shows so show me what you’ve got!