5 Techno Tracks to Look Out For – April 2015

5 Techno Tracks to Look Out For – April 2015


Here are five new and upcoming techno tracks to keep an eye out for this coming month.

1. Alan Fitzpatrick – A Subtle Change (Release Date: May)

Master producer Alan Fitzpatrick is releasing his first EP for Len Faki’s Figure label in years. He has recently released for many well known labels, including Drumcode, Cocoon, and Prime Numbers, where he released his chart-topping remix of Trus’me’s “I Want You” last year.

One of the best of this new EP is “A Subtle Change,” featuring the heavy kick that is characteristic of his Drumcode releases. The track progresses lazily with a repeated chord pattern and very straight percussion. The rides and filtering make the track perfect for building the pressure in the club without taking away its functionality.

2. Weska – Black Boots (Release Date: May)

Weska is a rising star in the techno scene. He rose to prominence after the release of his single “Next Up” on Layton Giordani’s Metrum label. Recently, he’s caught the attention of Sian, who invited him to release on Octopus Black Label. The result is possibly the biggest track of the year so far.

“Black Boots” begins with the dark beat, very quickly bringing in the immediately recognizable repeated vocal stab. The track uses subtle atmosphere and a synth hook to build until the break, where the string section bursts in. This track is quite marvelous, but you’ll have to hear it for yourself. Keep an eye out for this bomb, out sometime in May.

3. Adam Beyer – Stone Flower (Release Date: May 4th)

Adam Beyer is a veteran techno producer and the manager of the legendary Drumcode Records. It is quite a treat when he drops a release of his own on the label, the most recent one being “Teach Me,” from last year. His track “Stone Flower” has been played frequently in Drumcode Radio, so it has become very well known to fans of the label.

“Stone Flower” is the title track for Adam’s next Drumcode appearance. The percussion has a funky feel, which creates lots of movement when coupled with the dark bassline. The repeated vocal sample is the signature of this track, an ominous announcement of “the raves.” Those who pay attention will notice that the EP version of this track is slightly different than the one that Adam has been playing. For those who prefer the earlier edition, it is available exclusively on the iTunes version of Joseph Capriati’s “Fabric 80” compilation.

4. Victor Calderone – Requiem (Release Date: May 25th, 2015)

If you think Victor Calderone’s last Drumcode release was big, just wait until you hear this one! Out next month is the next Drumcode compilation, “A-Sides Volume III,” featuring Victor’s new track “Requiem.”

This track has a unique sliding bassline. As it builds, it uses two synth stabs and a crunched vocal stab to create a syncopated rhythm. Built for the club, this song is a true representative of Drumcode’s sound.

5. Manic Brothers, Frankyeffe, and Marcus Bohm – Skills (Release Date: TBA)

Manic Brothers are known for their big room sound, Frankyeffe for his hard club-ready sound, and Markus Bohm for his dark and driving sound. Combine the three and you get a beast, which is exactly what “Skills” is. The track will be released soon (presumably next month) on Frankyeffe’s Riot label.

“Skills” marches on with a dark and distorted kick that compliments the washy, reverberated hats and rides. This track is truly relentless, and never truly breaks down, as rides and pads continue even through the breaks. In a three-word alliteration, deep delightful darkness.

Look out for these tracks, and watch for my next selections.