The story of 20 year old MEETCH is mind blowing and one of true perseverance. With hearing only left in one ear (more on that later), he’s now performing all over the East coast. Meetch first came to the web’s attention when popular blogs such as EDM SAUCE featured his song ‘MINDLESS’. The melody-laden and power bassline-infused electro house now sees a follow up in the form of a FREE ALBUM! ‘complexcity’ will hit the web April 27 on We had a little chat with him prior to the release of his album.

What is your favorite DAW to make tracks with and what makes it so great compared to other programs?

– Ableton, Ableton, Ableton. I downloaded Ableton Live years back and I taught myself everything about that program. Not only do I think it’s the easiest to understand, but I actually have the most fun with it too. I’ve messed with Pro Tools, Logic, FL Studio, etc., but with Ableton I think you can take it above and beyond. It can go from the smallest things like bending an automation line on an EQ to easily mapping a midi controller to launch samples for a different type of production/performance. I will always favor this DAW.

How do you come up with the names for your tracks?

– Well, recently all my songs started to develop into a space theme. I’m not really sure why but I love giving that vibe at my shows so that people get lost in my set lists. I guess I’ve always been interested in the thought of space being “endless.” At the end of my productions, if it doesn’t have vocals, I normally just close my eyes and listen to it on repeat until something really good sticks. If there is a vocal bit in the space before the drop, the title may have something to do with that. But I play drums, so a lot of tracks have drum fills and rolls before the drop.

Which is the brand of headphones you trust? And is there a specific model you really like?

– To be honest, my personal favorites are the Pioneer HDJ – 2000s. A lot of people have them, but I think they are great quality for a great price. What I hate seeing is people using Beats Headphones. Aside from the fact that those have a +6 decibel boost on the bass that will blow your ears out in a few years, I bet they also haven’t mentioned that making a pair of those can be made for $14. It’s sad to see the hundreds of dollars people spend on those when they are just trash. I’ve always loved Pioneer everything. Best sound quality equipment hands down.

Do you prefer DJing at large scale festivals or would you rather DJ at intimate clubs?

– Large scare festivals 150%. I have played a couple so far and those have been some of the best. The feeling of huge crowd outside on beautiful days and nights beat everything. I have also played multiple clubs and venues, which yes, those are some of the best too, but my main goal is to be playing large festivals. That would probably complete my career.

Have you ever experimented with mixing audio and video at the same time? If not, would that be something you’d like to try out?

– I have not tried that live, but that is something I’m very interested in. I always have visual ideas for my productions, so if I had some way to get crazy graphic visuals to sync up with my performances that would be ridiculous. I would love it to have some sort of relation to aliens. I think that would hook people into my performances to have something people can see and hear, not just listen to.

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How long does it take you to finish a production on average?

– It normally takes me anywhere from two weeks to a month. It all depends if I want to work with vocals of not. If I were working with vocals, it probably would take closer to a month. Also, I mostly do my own mixing, but if I send my tracks out to get mastered, it would take closer to a week to even get the mastering back depending on how many tracks I send. At the end of the day, I do like to take my time on my productions, but if I’m on a roll in one session it could get completed pretty quickly.

Do you take the time to go on pictures with fans?

– Yesm that is one of my favorite things. People tend to always post pictures of me because of my robot helmets. The light wire really catches people’s attention. I love when people post things with me or about me because any kind of promotion is good promotion. I guess I can say I’m sort of photogenic, so I love to go out in the crowds after my performances and grab some pictures with everyone. Fans also love when the performers post pictures on their social media links and they see themselves, so I think it’s always a good thing to spread the love. Meetch

Do you come from a musical family?

– I actually don’t come from a musical family at all. I’m the only boy and the youngest in a family of five. I was the first to pick up music as an everyday thing. I used to love playing in bands, until I decided it was time to go solo. Making my own music and playing by myself is something I absolutely love, so I think it’s kind of cool to be the only musically talented one in the family.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

– I don’t want to end this with the “believe in your dreams” crap, as true as it is. But to just have all of the energy at the palm of your hands. And you WILL become your own success. Success is built by character, not the money you make, or the girls you get. Make all the best memories last forever.

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