Krewella – Who REALLY Makes The Music?

Krewella – Who REALLY Makes The Music?



image4There has been a lot of drama lately with the recent breakup of the trio known as Krewella. Kris Trindl (Rain Man) says he was kicked out and does all the work but Jahan and Yasmine have publicly said Rain Man actually resigned and has filed a lawsuit against the two girls.

Here’s a tweet from deadmau5 with his opinion on the matter:


Rain Man decided to be cheeky on twitter as well:


And the lawsuit : image3


So who’s really doing the work? Well for the album “Get Wet,” credit is given to over 50 different artists. There are over 30 composers and more than 10 producers! Here’s the list:

Artist Credit
Josh Alexander Composer
Melissa Arzoomanian Composer
Travis Barker Drums, Featured Artist
Matt Beckley Vocal Producer
Danny Boselovic Composer
Candyland Producer
Cash Cash Mixing, Producer
The Cataracs Producer
DallasK Composer, Producer
Ethan Davis Composer
Niles Dhar Composer
Nicholas Ditri Composer
Carson Donnelly A&R
Ben Eberdt Composer
Killian Eng Illustrations
Samuel Frisch Composer
Toby Gad Composer
Kevin Grainger Mixing
Graham Green Mixing
Jeff Halavacs Composer
Scott Harris Composer
Quincy Harrison Composer
James Ingram Engineer
Meghan Kabir Composer
Andrew Keller A&R
Krewella Primary Artist
Dave Kutch Mastering
Quincy Kwalae Additional Production, Mixing, Producer
Alexander Lansang Design
Ken Lewis Mixing
Nathan Lim Composer
Alexander Makhlouf Composer
Jean Paul Makhlouf Composer
Rick Markowitz Composer
Mike Mathewson Product Manager
Mike McGarity Composer
Graham “Killagraham” Muron Composer, Mixing, Producer
Alexander Odden Composer
Michael Parsberg Composer
Pegboard Nerds Featured Artist, Mixing, Producer
Drew Ressler Photography
JT Roach Instrumentation
Smarterchild Producer
Gray Smith Composer
Billy Steinberg Composer
Patrick Stump Composer, Featured Artist, Vocals
Stephen Swartz Composer, Producer
Kristopher Trindl Composer, Mixing, Producer
Jake Udell Composer
Vicetone Mixing
Emily Warren Composer
Jahan Yousaf Composer, Vocals
Yasmine Yousaf Composer, Vocal