The Sound of Q-Dance LA Part 3 Event Review

The Sound of Q-Dance LA Part 3 Event Review


Where were you this weekend? If you missed the hard-hitting experience at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall put on by Q-Dance, this is the time to start crying. Q-dance and other European affiliates literally set the bar for staging and production for the biggest raves in America. This was the third installment of Q-dance’s original standalone American massive and featured artists that never went below 150 beats per minute. The night began with Audiofreq, then onto Psyko Punks, Technoboy, and Coone. Zatox then played a raw set with tracks off his new full length album, New World Order. Evil Activities ended the night with hardcore dance music reaching 200 beats per minute. There was a very friendly mosh pit that opened up for the entire hour of Evil Activities’ closing set, which seemed appropriate.

The night was definitely one for the books the main attraction appeared to be the composition of the stage and the overall lighting design. Q-Dance was able to take a few simple LED walls and turn them into impressive landscapes customized for each artist using 3D mapping. To make matters better, each artist got a traditional Q-Dance introduction and a unique theme, causing the stage to change every hour. In addition, there were a bunch of black lights subtly placed around the venue that only made the Q-Dance theme color, orange, glow. Well played.



Up next for the hard dance fans, Basscon: Wasteland. January 23rd 2015 at the Los Angeles Palladium. With an unforeseen increase in effort from Q-dance, we can’t wait to see what Basscon has in store for us!