Bassnectar and Carnage to Collaborate

Bassnectar and Carnage to Collaborate



What do trap and bass music have in common? Nothing usually, expect two heavy hitters in their respective genres, Bassnectar and Carnage have decided they are going to be collaborating soon. Bassnectar is known for his eclectic bass driven beats while Carnage is known for some down and dirty trap beats.

This comes as a surprise to many in the Twittersphere as it did not seem that Carnage ever had any interest in a partnership with Bassnectar. From a tweet from Carnage’s personal Twitter account in 2012 he tweeted to Borgore, ” Bassnectar is a f***ing t***…He’s ugly n were pretty.” Fast forward to 2015 and we see a totally different opinion from Carnage when he tweeted today, “Bassnectar is a legend & one of the nicest guys I’ve ever got to know..#respect and I’m so excited about this collab it’s gonna be big.”

What do we know for sure? That whatever comes out of this collaboration is definitely going to be worth giving a listen! But what should we call them? Carnectar? Bassnage? How about you? How do you feel about this collaboration?