Hear the Tyger Roar

Hear the Tyger Roar


Jordan Moser is back at it again flawlessly blending electro and indie for a combination that fades old 80’s synth into new chill electro. These Tyger beatz are surely to get your head bobbing and your toe’s tapping!

 You may remember Jordan Moser as D.J. AzR known for songs such as his progressive hit “Lighthouse” and his more filthy rendition of Grimes “Genesis”. We have seen it become popular in the recent past for D.J.s to develop different personas that speak to different genres and audiences Clockwork has RL Grime and Eric Prydz has Pryda, etc. Jordan was simply experimenting with a new sound and I think he found something quite dynamic and unique.

Jordan spent a lot of time off this past year finding himself and with that he discovered Tyger. He claims that Tyger was developed when he found an old robot called the Gigatron 4000 and that when he booted it up a program installed in the Gigatron was making music and all he had to do was play the music created for him and sing the vocals.

Believe his zany story or not, I know we can only expect amazing music from Tyger in the future. With a sound reminiscent of Daft Punk and Walk the Moon his music offers everyone on the electronic music spectrum something they can enjoy.

I encourage you to check out Tyger’s debut EP by clicking the link below. 


Album art designed by Hilary Davis