How to go to Festivals for FREE

How to go to Festivals for FREE


Let’s face it…over the last few years, ticket prices for big-name festivals have climbed to near-dizzying heights. With EDC Las Vegas tickets averaging around $350, and Coachella at $375, it is becoming increasingly difficult for festival-goers to shoulder such heavy prices when most probably have a strained budget to begin with. Even with the payment plans put in place by many festivals, including Ultra, you are still likely to pay an average of $100 a month until it is paid off in full.

Fear not though!  For there is another alternative that can help you in attending your favorite festivals, basically for free.  Some festivals are utilizing something called “the Ambassador Program”.  As an ambassador, you help sell tickets to your friends in exchange for a free ticket for yourself. You are assigned tasks that you must complete in order to stay on the team, usually by using your social network skills. In return you earn points towards a free ticket.

The Electric Zoo Ambassador Program is identical to that of Mysteryland and gives fans access to the festival for free in return for selling 8 tickets to your friends.  To sign up, for Electric Zoo’s Ambassador Program click here.

Dancefestopia’s program requires ambassadors to complete tasks in order to earn points that can be redeemed for a ticket.  To sign up, for Dancefestopia’s Ambassador Program click here.


Another interesting alternative sees festivals asking for you to volunteer your time in exchange for a ticket. At Buku Project in New Orleans, you pay for a ticket up-front and after you volunteer for two 5-hour shifts you will get reimbursed for the full price of your ticket.  Boonaroo is another big festival that accepts applications to become a part of the “C’ROO”, pronounced “crew”.  C’ROO members work all over the festival on various smaller teams to support the festival staff, fans, sponsors, and artists to ensure that everyone at Bonnaroo has an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. All members of the C’ROO receive access to Bonnaroo whenever they’re not working, a t-shirt to show everyone their C’ROO status, free showers, a meal token for every shift that you work, and various other perks.

If you want to become a part of the C’ROO, click here.