NERO’S New Music is Coming Sooner than Expected

NERO’S New Music is Coming Sooner than Expected


As we all remember that dark mysterious Facebook post that came across our feed by a very unsuspected artist, NERO. The members Daniel Stephens, Joe Ray and Alana Watson made an announcement that we were all excited to see.


“Satisfy” was released just last year, four years after NERO released the “Welcome to Reality” album. The single “Satisfy” was worth the wait, complete with stunning vocals from the amazing Alana Watson. The last that we heard from NERO they stated they “started mastering the latest album.” Just yesterday NERO came out of hiding and broke that silence with another teaser post, with nothing more than a name, a date, and a time.


It is still unknown if ‘The Thrill’ is the name of their next album or their next single. NERO fans all over have been in the dark for too long, now we have something to look forward to this coming Thursday.