Something Wonderful Was Not Very Wonderful This Year

Something Wonderful Was Not Very Wonderful This Year


Something Wonderful Music Festival, held in Dallas, Texas was not as wonderful as it was intended to be. The festival began on April 18th, with a full line-up of top performers such as Tiesto, Zeds Dead, and Carnage. Soon things turned for the worst as weather conditions of high winds and lightning forced the festival into cancellation.


With tickets costing anywhere from $60-$100, the fans were not too happy with their Something Wonderful experience. Attendees complained that the main stage was limited to 2500 people, and those who actually made it in had to wait in long lines. Another issue was the security and crowd control that seemed to be using excessive force of festival goers.

And just to top it all off, was the refund policy that pushed everybody over the edge. Fans were furious when they were made aware that refunds would not be available. One fan even started the #somethingrefund petition which you can sign here:

something wonderful ticket

So far the promoters behind Something Wonderful stated that they are currently working on a ticketing update due to the cancellation. Fans are still waiting for the decision, are whether refunds will be available or not.


Here’s to hoping this not-so-wonderful situation gets sorted out!