What Happened to Ireland When Drugs Became Legal

What Happened to Ireland When Drugs Became Legal


Last week, Ireland was a popular subject due to a legal loop hole that left controlled substances such as Ecstasy, Ketamine, Magic Mushrooms, and Crystal Meth legal for 48 hours. The Ireland court’s Misuse of Drugs Act was deemed unconstitutional, and made possessing or being under the influence of any of these substances void. What actually happened in that 48 hour time frame, turned out to be one crazy K-hole experience for many.


According to Vice, residents and tourists took full advantage of this loophole and were “falling over each other, beady-eyed, hugging the walls and each other.” Pubs and Clubs were booming with patrons under the influence of anything they pleased and without police having authority to do anything about it. While alcoholism is still a very big concern for Ireland, with the 48 hour binge, they are worried about the increasing drug problem. Regardless of how much fun that the binge created, the emergency legislation has passed and it is back to the real world for most individuals.