The Dutch Government is Out to Ban Bass

The Dutch Government is Out to Ban Bass


Dutch government bass

A Dutch advisory panel to the government came out with an advise to drastically reduce (sub) bass tones that come from nightclubs and other event venues.

According to Nederlandse Stichting Geluidshinder (NSG), the original noise code from 1995 is outdated and doesn’t reflect current musical genres with bass heavy beats. Even Rihanna’s pop songs have way more bass than the music from 1995.

Whereas clubs may technically be at the allowed dB level, the bass still travels to people’s homes causing various degrees of discomfort such as loss of sleep and stress.

A resident of the Dutch town of Zwolle who lives near a few bars said: ”

"We sleep poorly, our children wake up from the bass noise on the regular. Sleep deprivation also affects your daily life. I understand your tolerance limit should be higher if you live in the center of town, but this goes beyond all bounds. Every weekend the noise is present, usually until four o'clock at night. "

Does this mean the end of dubstep in Holland?